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Congratulations... While Your Account Is Being Created Find Out How You Can Start Setting Up Your Rebirth System NOW.

Activate Your Email Platform Right Away And Unlock The Sending Capability.

Accelerate Your Account Set Up And Get Your Emails Sent By The End Of The Day With Our Rebirth Toolkit.

I'm Going To Personally Setup Your Account To Send Send Emails And I'll Show You How To Send 100K+ Emails Every Month For Free

Also Get Access To Our Deliverability Checklist And Rebirth SMTP Blackbook...

Sasha here…

And on behalf of myself and my business partner Jason, we’d want to congratulate you on making one of the MOST IMPORTANT decisions of your entrepreneurial journey…

…and even though you don’t realize it yet…

…by deciding to join List Rebirth, you’ve just set off a series of events in motion…

…That as you will soon see…will change everything for you…

Look at what just happened here:

You just went from not knowing that you have a massive potential to 5X your profit and now you’re about to have influx of new sales without having to risk anything. You already have the list, you just need to utilize it better.

You went from not knowing how to predictably get in front ALL of your customers - now you’re about to do more than you can ever imagine...

You went from trying to figure out how to generate as much leads, subscribers as possible without utilizing what you have now - now you’re about to be able to quadruple your sales.

…And not only did you get an entire system that’s going to allow you to use the subscribers you already have on your list and start getting in front of them again.

You have also built a system that is able to send millions of emails every month opening a world of possibilities for for you.

…It's much easier to make a sale like that…

We Can Help You Save Days Of Your Time

Complete a 30-Second Form And Our Team Will Set Up Your Account.

It can be a daunting task having to read through several ebooks learning about the new system... 

...but having to spend days just to have everything connected and your email sending account enabled can be frustrating...

...we did this so many times that it's easy for us, so we'll do it for you too.

Log in, go through the Rebirth SMTP Blackbook, Submit a Form And Our Team Will Connect Your New SMTP Account.

Rebirth Sendonyx Account will allow you to send emails and have the same capabilities as Awer, Mailchimp and similar...

...without the monthly fees.

DFY Account Setup

Our team will connect any SMTP to your Sendonyx account and allow you to send unlimited email campaigns. Just answer 3 questions and we will do the rest.

Now Let Me Show You...

How You Can Send 100,000+ Emails For Free Every Month

And Get 40%+ Open Rates Beating Every Competitor Out There. 

Do you know that you can get premium email deliverability by combining 2 services that allow you to send up to 100,000 Emails Per Month?

Well we have the 5-page guide explaining how you can have the same set up yourself. 

Simply go through the ebook, create free accounts, connect with our email sending platform and send straight to inbox. 

These are also the strongest players in the industry. 

You are literally paying hundreds of dollars every month paying for email sending services when you can set up one for yourself and send for free.

Rebirth Toolkit contains tools you need to quickly enable free sending capability of your email sending platform. 

Send 100K Emails a Month For Free

5-page eBook walking you through a process of securing 100K email sends for free every month. Set up once and send free emails forever.

Get Our 5-Step Deliverability Manual Ensuring You Land In Inbox!

In 2024 You Need To Follow A Set Of Rules If You Want To Land In Inbox And We Show You How Efficiently Land In Inbox Without Wasting Months Of Your Life Trying To Figure It Out.

It's really simple. Use Our Manual To Make Sure You Send Your Emails To Inbox Without Fail. 

This ain't 1999 and you can't just create an account, import thousands of leads and send to inbox. 

It doesn't work like that anymore. 

Now you need to follow a setup process to fully verify your domain so you are able to get in front of your customers.

Like most of the market, everyone is battling to increase their email open rates from 20% industry average. 

This manual shows you the steps we take before we start sending emails out. 

It's easy to follow and it'll show you where you land NOW, what you need to change and how to land in inbox without fail.

Deliverability Manual

Step-by-step approach to making sure you land in inbox every time. When you know the rules, you get results. Every time.

Shave Months Of Your Time By Accessing Our SMTP Blackbook

Save time and money today. Skip testing countless SMTP services, simply go through the blackbook, pick your option based on your preferances and make the connection.

This saves months and hundreds of dollars for you. Use our knowledge and resources to quickly set up a preferred SMTP option. 

We listed our top 10 options. You can choose any of these to connect to Rebirth Email Platform and Send Unlimited Emails For Next To Nothing.

You can connect just about any SMTP service with our email sender and that includes: 

✅Amazon SES

✅Elastic Email


✅Alibaba Mail


✅and many others...

SMTP Blackbook contains top 10 services you can choose and take a 10 minute instruction on how to set it up and start running campaigns.

SMTP Blackbook

Want to connect an SMTP account yourself and want to do it quickly? Blackbook walks you through an SMTP setup for every major service out there.

You can Expect Above Average Deliverability And Inboxing

Import Your List And Start Sending Right Away Without Having To Worry If Your Import Is Going To Be Accepted.

(See How We Compare To The Average ESP)

Here's Everything You're Getting For Only $97.00 Today

DFY Account Setup

Our team will connect any SMTP to your Sendonyx account and allow you to send unlimited email campaigns. Just answer 3 questions and we will do the rest.

Rebirth Blackbook

Rebirth Blackbook walks you through an SMTP setup with every major service out there In less than 10 minutes.. 

Send 100K Emails a Month For Free

5-page PDF walking you through a process of securing 100K email sends for free every month. Set up once and send free emails forever.

Deliverability Manual

Step-by-step manual to making sure you land in inbox every time. When you know the rules, you get results. Every time.

30-Day Double Your Money-Back Guarantee

Yup, we're so confident in how powerful and how much value that the toolkit can provide to your business that we're willing to put our money where our mouth is.

That's why we're doing a DOUBLE your money back guarantee. Just show us that you put all of this into action in your business and if it didn't make you a positive ROI on your investment, we will - WITHOUT HESITATION - Give you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK!

Frequently Asked Questions

I want this, what exactly am I getting?

Collection of PDS's, training and DFY setup fully unlocking your account. You don't have to waste days figuring out the best SMTP, best campaigns, how to set up segments. We show you exactly how to do it.

What is the Rebirth Toolkit?

The Rebirth Toolkit is a collection of PDFs that show you how to completely unlock your sending capabilities as well as DFY set up service where our team set up an SMTP server and allows you to send UNLIMITED email campaigns.

Are There Any Monthly Fees To Send Emails?

You pay what you spend/send. In other words, there are no monthly fees when you send through SMTP and you only pay according to how many emails you send and we even show you how to send 100K+ emails for free every month with PREMIUM deliverability.

Do I Manage Unsubscribers And Complaints?

No, everything is automated just like with any other tool (think Aweber, Getresponse ActiveCampaign) only without the monthly fees. You are basically having your own email sender for life.

How Many Emails Can I Send Per Month?

Unlimited. You can mix and match, add multiple SMTP's, send revival campaigns, promotional campaigns.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, if for any reason you want your money back, just send us a message and we'll give you 100% of your money back plus let you keep access to your purchase.

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